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The DC-3 Dakota Association is the oldest (established in 1994 as the DC-3/Dakota Historical Society) and most trusted source for accurate information on the DC3, C47Dakota Airplane, Super DC-3Soviet Li-2Japanese L2 D3, and all the variants made by the Douglas Aircraft Company. Its lasting impact on the airline industry, airplane travel, and the C-47 Skytrain’s use in World War 2 makes it one of the most significant transport aircraft ever made. Whether you are a researcher, educator,  pilot, or history buff, the DC-3 Dakota Association will serve as your trustworthy resourcecenter specializing in the history of aviation as it relates to “the plane that changed the world.”  A visit here will give you three perspectives on the Douglas DC-3, one of the most important aircraft in all aviation history. You will discover the men who managed the Douglas Aircraft Company. The second is the overall history of the DC-3 Dakota and its variants. The third will be the individual histories of many of the aircraft. If you  would like to see a particular topic covered just  Contact us. Many of the pages are set up as a blog so you may share your insights and questions. If you’d like to contribute please see the copyright notice. If you have a correction please contact me with the source of your correction. Enjoy your surfing, and thank you for visiting. Henry M. Holden, Aviation Historian, and Author.        

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