DC-2 Variants

DC-2 Variants:

XC-32: (1936) 1 made. c/n 1414. 750 hp Wright engines;

DC-2 redesignated C-3: 14 passengers. There was no logical reason for assigning this aircraft an “X” designation since that designation is for experimental aircraft. The DC-2 had been type-certified as a civilian transport and in service at the time. A service test classification “Y” would have been more appropriate since the Army did this in the past with other “off-the-shelf” procurement.

C-32A: (1942) 24 made. 740 hp Wright engines.

C-33: (1936) 18 made. 750 hp Wright engines; larger tail/cargo door. Adapted for bulk cargo w/reinforced floor and two section 63 by 69 inch cargo door.

C-33A: 1 made. C-33 with DC-3 tailplane, nacelles, undercarriage & brakes.

YC-34: (1937) 2 made. Service test versions of the XC-32.
Revised interior. 14 passengers. Later the
“Y” was dropped and they became Army 36-345 and 36-346. The first was damaged in a landing accident on 3 January 1943 and classified to “Class 26 material,” a non-flying instructional airframe and the second aircraft was destroyed in a crash on 29 December 1942.

C-38: (1937) 1 remanufactured. 930 hp Wright engines. Conversion C-33
w/DC-3 tail (DC-2 1/2).

C-39: (1939) 35 made. 975 hp Wright engines; DC-2 fuselage;
DC-3 center section/tail/cargo door
. 39 were ordered on the contract. Two additional C-39s later became C-42s. Another aircraft on the contract was not a DC-2 variant but a DC-3 and became a C-41.

DC-3A: Used Pratt & Whitney Twin Wasp 1050-1200 hp (takeoff). Engine mounts and nacelles modified.

C-42: (1939) 2 made. 1200 hp Wright engines -a converted C-39 with executive interior.

DC:-3B Front half of cabin had DST sleeper berths with seven recliner chairs in rear. Only ten were built.

R2D-1: 5 made. Similar to XC-32 for US Navy & US Marine Corps.

DST-A: DST with Pratt & Whitney engines and modified nacelles.