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The DC-3 Dakota Association (formerly The DC-3/Dakota Historical Society) is the oldest (established in 1994) and most trusted source for accurate information on the Douglas DC-3 aircraft, the C-47 Gooney Bird, the Dakota Airplane, Super DC-3, the Soviet Li-2, the Japanese L2 D3, and all the variants.

American Airlines


In the early 1930s, the American Airlines fleet consisted generally  of Curtiss Condor biplane sleepers, Ford Tri-Motors and Fokker tri-motors. There were two problems. American Airlines needed to modernize their fleet because they  were losing millions of dollars in revenue. They needed a modern air-  plane, with sleeper berths since they attracted the luxury passengers. American Airlines first took delivery of their Douglas DC-2s in last quarter of 1934 and quickly put them into service on their New York to Los Angeles, route. Continue reading

Douglas DC-3

The Genesis of the Legend

“We made the DC-3 without a computer to test it. There was plenty of data from the DC-1 and DC-2 to formulate the design. Often we got down on the floor and worked things out ourselves. There was personal ingenuity, and application, and we made things happen overnight.” Ivar Shogran ; Chief Power Plant Engineer “; Douglas Aircraft Company Continue reading

Last Flight of the Flagship “San Antonio”

By Henry M. Holden

American Airlines Flagship “San Antonio,” NC21746, c/n 2104, DC-3-208A, was delivered to the airline on Feb. 23, 1939. It had served unremarkably throughout the war, remaining with the civilian fleet. On January 5, 1947 it took its last flight. Continue reading