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Douglas DC-1 / DC-2/R2D / DC-3 Dakota / C-47/R4D Skytrain / C-53 Skytrooper

(Henry M. Holden Aug. 1993)

This is a former Lend Lease RAF Dakota, now registered as N91BF, c/n 15793/32541, seen here in 1993, without livery at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh, WI.  It was originally a C-47B with the USAAF Reg. 44-76209, delivered on January 26, 1945.  It was delivered to the Royal Air Force as a Dakota Mk.IV KN292 on February 27, 1945, to Squadron 187 based in Merryfield, UK.  It then went on to India, Australia, and returned to England on December 1, 1946It flew in the Berlin Air Lift “Operation Plainfare” and went into storage in February 1950.  In 1953 it was removed from storage, refitted and assigned to the French Air Force under the US Advisor and Assistance Group to Indo-China.  It was based in Hanoi, and Haiphong and used the call sign “FRAYB.”  In August 1956, it returned to France.  A year later it was on a second tour in Indo-China, this time based in Nhatrang, with the call sign “FRAKK.” Later it showed up in North Africa and between January 1965, and June 1967, was based at Columb-Bechar using the call sign “FSDKC.” By April 1971, it was seen in Nimes Garon, with Escadrille 56S and had 11,838 hours on the airframe.  It was bought by Basler Turbo Conversions (then Basler Flight Services)  on November 4, 1985.  Photograph in  August 1993, it was waiting  a future conversion to turbo engines. Today it is flying secret missions for an air force.

Converted to a BT-67 by Basler at Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA, On March 13, 2001 civil registration cancelled, exported to Columbia

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(Henry M. Holden Aug. 2001)

N2685W  c/n 16262/33010 – USAAF 44-76678 Delivered 13Apr45 as KN492 RAF Montreal 13Apr45 – 525Sq After serving various squadrons it was sold on 06Feb50 and became G-AMWW Lancashire Aircraft Corp. It was reregistered on 05Dec52 to Skyways Ltd. R27May69 – EI-ARP to Air Charters of Ireland Ltd. Leased  on 17May62 (for op by Hibernian A/L and Emerald AW). On 29Jun67 – it went to Ulster Air Transport Ltd on 07May68 – registered to Air Freight Ltd and R01Sep70 to- Skyways Cargo A/L. On 12May75 it went to Pan Universal Aircraft Services Ltd.  R08Jun81 – Missionary Flights Intl in the USA, and D14Oct81 as N2685W RDec81 – B. Airways “Kristine”, Miami D29Jun83. Seen in this photo on the Basler Turbo Conversion ramp in 2001 was waiting conversion to turbo engines. Today it is flying secret missions for an air force.

Last known location: International Airline Support Group, Miami, FL

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(Henry M. Holden)

N300BF c/n15299/26744, C-47B-15-DK, 43-49483 Del 28Nov1944 – KK160 RCAF – non data – N502PA Priority Air Transport System 1968 – JG Riviera, NM 1969 – AS Riviera, GA 1970 – Hill Aircraft 1974 – Mariner Enterprises, NJ 1974 – Summit Airlines 1976Air Indiana 1979 (N502PA see Where are they now link) – US Aircraft, Van Nuys, CA 1981 – N300TX 1982 – Fitted with P&W PT-67A-45 Turbo-prop engines as Turbo Express Jul1982 – Basler Turbo Conversions as Prototype of the Basler Turbo BT-67A, demonstrator and freighter, Oshkosh, WI.

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(Henry M. Holden Aug.,1996)

FAC1659 (Colombia Air Force, Apiya, Colombia) c/n16236/32984 -TC-47B-30-DK       44-76652 Del Arl1945 – non data – USAF – FAC1659 Colombia Air Force, Madrid, Colombia – converted to BT-67A as No.29 Jul 1998 – FAC – crashed.

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(Henry M. Holden 2006)

PNC213 (Colombia National Police, Bogota, Colombia) c/n20875 – C-47B-1-DL USAAF43-16409 Del 22Aug1944 – North Africa ATC – stock 1946 – French AF 1948 – “FRAVZ”1950 -“FTEFM”1960 – St Chateaudun 1971 – F-BTDG Rousseau Aviation – CF-POX Laurentian AS 1972 – damaged 1975 – Schefferville, PQ – derelict Ottowa 1978 – canceled 1979 – N8509P Sunset Aircraft , FL 1980 – Tumbleson Piper, IL 1982 – Harolds Air Service, AK 1983 – US Aircraft, Burbank, CA 1984 – converted to BT-67A as No.2 Jul1990 – PNC213 Colombia National Police, Colombia – crashed and repaired.

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TZ-390 (Mali Air Force, Bamako, Mali) c/n19173 – C-47A-70-DL, USAAF42-100710 Del Nov1943 – non data – 0-00710 USAF 1960 – 0-21710 / 0-2100710  – stored Davis Monthan AFB 1961 – converted to BT-67A as No.22 Sep1997 – Mali Air Force. (Henry M. Holden July 1997)

Turbine dc3, Turbo dakota, Dc3 turbine, Dc3 aircraft history

N142Z (US Forest Service, McCall, ID, USA) c/n20494 – C-47A-90-DL, USAAF43-16028 Del 10Jun1944 – 9thAF Netherlands/Belgium – USAF 1945 – NC100 CAA 1947 – N8785 FAA 1970 – US Department of Agric / US Forest Service, Ogden, UT 1970 – N100Z – converted to BT-67A as No.6 Apr1991 – US Forest Service, Boise, ID

 air plane museum, Soviet Li-2, plane museum,

N115Z (US Forest Service, Missoula, MT, USA) c/n16819/33567, C-47B-40-DK, USAAF44-77235 Del 30Jun1945 – KP265 RAF – 0-477235 USAF 1955 – 0-77235 1961 – N146Z US Department of Agric / US Forest Service, Ogden, UT 1964 – converted to BT-67A as No.7 Jun1991 – US Forest Service, Boise, ID.

The complete story of the Douglas DC-3 see: “The Legacy of the DC-3

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